I- Relaxing and focusing on posture and breathing

– Take a good posture (Ideal for both breathing and laryngeal functions-long spine)
– Face, neck, upper back, and chest muscles are relaxed (Freeing the muscles towards gravitation)

II- Preparing to do the bubbling with phonation

– Place the tube (35 cm length, 9-12mm diameter, silicone) into the mouth between or in front of the incissor teeth and above the tongue.(The tongue should be relaxed as’a piece of steak’ and touch slightly to the tube.)
– Hold the bottle near the body so low not to need to use shoulder muscles in holding
– Enclose the tube with the lips
– Dip the other end of tube into water 1 to 2 cm deep at the beginning. Than the depth may be increased to 4-7cm.
– Inhale from nose like in yawning with mouth closed
– Expiration for phonation is prepared focusing on abdominal and lower back muscles.

III- Finding the target voice

– Bubbling water with voice: //hhhooooo// (Short and long)
– Repeat with /hhoo hoo hooo/
– Increase the consciousness of the process in the body. Let the patient think about his/her body while doing the excersize.

IV-Advance using the new phonation style

– Pitch gliding (Melodies on //hhoooo//)
– Gliding pitches up and down
– Test the effect of changing the depth of water… What changes?
– Exercise with tube out of water
– without tube lips open /hhoooo/ and closed /hhmmm/

V- Adopting the new muscle technic to daily life

– Voicing correct syllables-words-sentences (Greeting, good morning etc. )
– Conversational speech (Do not forget to inhale nasally before you say something)
– Read books, newspapers aloud in different ways